This final/midterm review, I was made aware of some areas that need to be conveyed in a more effective manner so that the ideas are clear and my objectives are legible. The form of the building is a complex one and so additional pieces of information should be added to future presentations so that the audience may grasp better my design. Sections combined with perspective drawings may be the most effective tools to convey the design ideas and especially in areas like the atrium where there are intersecting roof planes and at the gallery on the first floor. The gallery on the first floor is ramped and so a section could be useful there. Also, the pedestrian connection from the land bridge to the waterfront needs to be developed further. In addition, the site design also needs to be worked on since there are still elements missing to tie the whole thing together like cohesive pedestrain paths and design. I’ve been working on the structure, parking, general circulation, and producing sections that are critical for the site and building. For the early Spring term, I hope to resolve these major site issues and also develop the interior spaces fully (especially the greenhouses) so that I can move forward to the more technical issues that will be addressed this next quarter.

Site Context Board1

Plans and Perspectives Board 2

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