This midterm’s review was mainly focusing on 2 important technical aspects of our Design. Structure and Enclosure were the two aspects that were further developed. Below, you will find plans that show how the post and beam structure work as a system for the main armature of the building. You will also find that the inspiration for a “pilotis” (Stucture Case Study) system was drawn from a basic corbusien system where he used the pilotis or column as the main structure that would then free up the facade from any vertical gravity loads imposed on the shell with lateral reinforcement in a core. For my design, the post and beam structure is reinforced laterally through a series of moment frames that are positioned at every other bay to create a rythym of thick frame structure. The structural concept was developed in hand with the enclosure as well. Like the structural grid, the enclosure is a radiating broken down set of vertical panels (that make up a double skinned facade. The double skin glazed facade creates a light, transparent, and inviting facade that also protects the internal environment through the use of 4 glazed panes of Low-E values with insulated assemblies to increase its thermal resistance. This double glazed facade not ony protects from solar heat gains, but also provides passive ventilation that user’s may manually control during the times of the year where ventilation is needed. (wall section detail2) In addition, the enclosure responds directly to prevailing wind patterns throughout the site so that the building essentially captures and harnesses fresh outdoor wind and funnels it into the indoor spaces to improve indoor air quality levels while lowering demands on HVAC systems. In these diagrams (Vasari_Wind_Solar), you will also find that the building orientation is optimally positioned to recieve daylight form the south to decrease the need for artificial electrical lighting within spaces.

Structural Plans:

1st Floor Framing : Bracing Schedule

2nd Floor Framing : Bracing Schedule

3rd Floor Framing : Bracing Schedule

3rd Roof Framing

Post Review Reflections:

So, after my review some of the feedback that I got was that I needed to further address the 40′ cantilever and to increase the beam depth in the floor framing. This could be somewhere in the 4′ range as there is a green roof, Live Load, and Dead Loads to address. Also, It was noted that I need to look into adding more opaque surfaces on the exterior shell since it would be impractical to enclose the whole building with a double skin facade. This could also give the North and South facades different characteristics that would further enrich the user’s experience both in the outside and inside. Moving forward, I want to revisit the structure to further refine its qualities in the interior spaces along with the daylighting excercises that we will perform in the next coming weeks.